United for Puerto Rico!

Hi there! Thanks for visiting Joan Torres Music. As you may know Joan Torres Music and All Is Fused are children of Puerto Rico. We grew up there, met there, and worked on our first productions there. Puerto Rico is our home and it was heavily impacted by Hurricane Maria. I, personally, am working with several people to make my way there and bring as many supplies as I can. I have also decided that all revenue made from album sales will be donated to helping families in Puerto Rico recover from this natural disaster. Please feel free to spread the word or reach out to me if you want to help us. For more information on the disaster and how to help Puerto Rico you can read this article or the donate at: http://unidosporpuertorico.com/en/
Joan Torres (September 23, 2017)
UPDATE: Thanks for contributing to the Hurricane Maria Relief Bundle!

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Release Date: Nov 21, 2016

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