Joan Torres's All is Fused - A Band To Watch
By Kyle Jarmon

The rap examiner is always on the lookout for all types of music and when he came across Joan Torres's All is Fused, from San Juan, Puerto Rico, he was immediately struck with the pleasantries of the band.

Joan Torres's All is Fused album Before, is a perfect musical exhibition for the ears. Each cut paints a picture that is worth examining and studying for its dynamic skill and synthesizing of musical flair. The group is remarkably similar to many groups that have been successful in the past (i.e. Return to Forever and Weather Report). "Doorway" begins the jam session and the skill offered by the band is unbelievable. For six minutes, Torres' composition dances across the speakers creating imagery that is scenic, of a varied pace and thorough in execution. "Another World," takes its cue from the starter song and assembles a mixture of sounds and textures. Torres moves from jazz to fusion and back to jazz in one song. The music of "Vicissitudes," is a perfect complement to the band's superb dexterity and vibe as a whole. "Disbelief," is mellow and somber focusing intently on its solos from alto saxophonist, Jonathan Suazo and impeccable bass and piano playing.

"True," gives the reflection of a misty nightclub packed with a lot of people sipping beverages and taking in the melodies; while "The Chase," is indeed the heaviest on Before. "Tragic End," in spite of its title is possibly the masterpiece. Simple and peaceful, serenity is painted through the bands members' instrumentation. The finale, "Enlightenment," is a fitting climax to an album that graces the eardrums.

Joan Torres's All is Fused was born out of a love for music from band members, Joan Torres, Sergio González, David Ojeda, Fernando García, Jonathan Suazo, and Gabriel Vicéns. Each cut presented on Before is jazzy and then some. Before is a collage of sounds ranging from classical to rock. The album led to a tour for the band. It is clear with Before that music is their passion and they are passionate about it.

Final Grade: A


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