Joan Torres All Is Fused Releases “Before” Record
by Axton Ruiz

Bass player and bandleader Joan Torres produces fusion record with top jazz musicians.

Joan Torres All Is Fused first record, “Before”, is a well rounded album by bass player and bandleader Joan Torres. Offering up-tempo Puerto Rican inspired music, medium tempo straight 8th grooves, winding, searching ballads and complex time signatures.

While the music found here is often complex in nature, the general mood of the disc is one of relaxation, sometimes to a fault. After a while, one starts to wonder if this is really a fusion record or a smooth latin jazz record. Part of this is due to the arrangements as well as the "spirit" in which the musicians play. While the music is often time virtuosic and very well executed, the true spirit that defines great jazz performances is often times not present.

Torres assembled a band of highly proficient players for this record, often times allowing them to take the spotlight ahead of himself. Not uncommon when bass players step up to the role of bandleader. Through the spotlights, a stand out on the record emerges in pianist David Ojeda. His playing throughout is masterful, exploring the thematic and harmonic material of each song while also placing his own stamp on each unique composition.

If you're in the market for a fusion record that is on the tamer side, pick this side up. It's versatile enough to be listened to by avid fusion listeners as well as background music for your next dinner party.

Source: Buzzfeed

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