Joan Torres’s All Is Fused Reflects On A Successful 2012
by Jordan Devine

Assuming the world does not end on December 21, this year will go down as a successful one for Joan Torres’s All Is Fused band. The band’s debut album Before was released in May and was a commercial and critical success. Originally, from Puerto Rico, Joan is a renowned bass player and composer in jazz circles. He recruited Sergio Gonzalez, David Ojeda, Fernando Garcia, Jonathan Suazo and Gabriel Vicens as band-mates in 2011. On 21 December of that year they played their first show together and Joan Torres’s All Is Fused was born. As the band approaches the first anniversary of that night, they are reflecting on a successful year, despite the predictions of the Mayan calendar. gave Before a glowing review, saying the LP showcased “all-original material and…it is evident that dedication to detail has achieved a terrific result.”

Joan has played throughout the year both as a solo artist and with the band. Joan’s passion for music is unquenchable, he launched the website and is dedicated to promoting the jazz scene in Puerto Rico.

Source: PopBucket

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