November 21, 2016

  1. Invaded
  2. Demiurge
  3. Explore
  4. Ultramarine
  5. Constant Stream
  6. Stream of Melancholy
  7. Look Around
  8. Unleashed

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Album Notes:

The intricacy and emotion of Latin and Modern Jazz is captivating! There's something about it that really gets your attention and doesn't let go.

This group of musicians really share a common goal, and keep on searching for those magical moments that bring musicians and audiences alike into a unique and special language. Like the greats of this idiom, this ensemble is breaking new ground, expressing new ways to communicate their style.

At the helm of this venture is Joan Torres, an extremely talented bassist, with vast knowledge of many styles under his belt, blending his expertise into the essence of who he is: a unique individual who knows his roots and goals.

This album celebrates the future of our new generation of urban, multi-talented musicians whose conversation is clear and to the point, while getting a fresh dose of a united sound.

Julius Meléndez


Jonathan Suazo Alto Sax
Sergio Gonzalez Guitar
Gabriel Vicens Guitar
Emanuel Rivera Piano
Fernando Garcia Drums
Joan Torres Bass

Recording dates:
June 27 to 29, 2016

Recorded at:
Different Fur Studios
(San Francisco, California)

Sean Paulson

Mixing & Mastering:
David Darlington

Music & Production:
Joan Torres

Photography & Design:
Liz Warburton

Emily Mann

© 2016 Joan Torres

“Of The Musical is a brilliant fusion album that uses its prog and hard rock influences to create an album that is as cinematic as it is technically impressive. The band goes far beyond complex musical ideas managing to weave in a true sonic narrative.” –Jon C. Ireson, music-news.com

“The best music tells a story, and this one does it perfectly with a rich sound and a soothing tale that you can listen to even 10 times, and yet understand it differently each time.” –Jazzu.org

“With sounds that are innovative and inventive musical movements, rather than mere 'songs,' Of The Musical is a rare collection of emotive and transformative jazz.” –Donna Balancia, West Coast Rocker

“All is Fused is worldly without being snobby and tasteful without coming across stuffy, a stereotype some hold about classic jazz music and the rules that govern or don't govern the genre. All is Fused is a group I would jump at the chance of seeing live.” –Jessica Brant, Word Is Bond

“On the latest release from Joan Torres' All Is Fused, called Of The Musical, the group manage to hit that beautiful mix of amazing jams of technical talent and compositional bliss that create a kind of jazzy sound that will appeal to genre and non-genre fans alike.” –Owen Maxwell, The Scene Magazine

“There's a strong contemporary sensibility that brings to mind artists like Brad Mehldau and The Bad Plus who play jazz like people who grew up listening to Radiohead.” –Chris Kompanek, The Huffington Post

“Este es, precisamente, el punto fuerte de 'Of the Musical': que es una 'ópera de jazz', o teatro musical, con una clara línea argumental de inicio, desarrollo, clímax y desenlace. Torres siempre ha sido un buen compositor, pero aquí ha llevado su arte y su concepto a un nuevo nivel.” –Ragui Vega, Fundación Nacional para la Cultura Popular


16th Annual Independent Music Awards Nominee

- Funk/Fusion/Jam Album
- Funk/Fusion/Jam Song for "Demiurge"
- Jazz Music Producer